Horizon is the name given to the new wood and stainless steel casks used for the fermentation of the finest red wines worldwide.

These newly patented casks, are the result of a joint effort by Banfi and two leaders in the production of wine barrels and vats, Gamba cooperage for the wood components and Di Zio for the stainless steel parts. With this tank of brand new conception we have achieved to combine the advantages of the two materials:
the technology of stainless steel with all the benefits of the fermentation in wood.
Horizon can be supplied with capacity of between 50 Hl and 175 Hl.

• Eliminate unpleasant reductive aromas caused by stress due to a lack of oxygen in the yeasts. An oak vat has proven to create ideal conditions for enhancing cellular reproduction and yeast activity.
• Allow the oxygen and oak tannins to immediately enter the complex chemical process, thus leading to the proper combination of tannin anthocyanins and as a consequence, greater color retention.
• The oxygen uptake on young wines and musts is beneficial for better color through anthocyanin stabilization and rounder wines through polymerization of tannins resulting in softer longer chain tannins and age worthy wines.
• Decrease the reduction of the tannin - anthocyanin content with respect to fermentation that occurs in other non-oak containers.


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