Wood origins


Our French oak wood is sourced directly from the forest of Never, AlIier, Fontainbleau, Bourgogne and Limousin. These are the regions in France where the company has carefully chosen the most qualified merrandiers, who then meticulously select the trees and inspect their worthiness to be used.
Once trees have been selected from a specific area within the forest, logs are harvested and transported to be sawn and then split into staves.
Gamba makes its products exclusively from oak and specifically the Quercus genus, which consists of no less than three hundred species. But a qualified cooper uses only three of them: Quercus Pendunculata, Quercus Sessilis and Quercus Alba (American White Oak). Quercus Pendunculata and Sessilis interestingly enough can both be found in the same forests in France.

The Quercus Alba species can be found in many regions throughout North America though we mainly source our American White Oak from forest in Northern Iowa, Western Illinois or Minnesota. The accelerated use of Quercus Alba over the last few years is largely due to a better understanding of seasoning and advancement in toasting techniques.

In addition to the origin of the wood, another important factor is the soil; where this particular variety of oak grows. Exposure to the sun, wind and rain affects its texture and ultimately its grain, as well as its aromas.
Each forest has particular characteristics: In France, Troncais, Gros Bois and Drouille are the best in Allier, Saint Palais, Allogny and Vierzon are found in Cher, while Bertranges and Bellary are located in Nievre. Logs chosen from the "Central” consist of more medium grain width trees, and can be harvested from either the forest of Allier, Never and Cher.
In North America, our focus is on sourcing the tightest grain rather than specific origin. Once logs are harvested and processed, raw staves then make the journey to our aging yard in Asti, where they are restacked and bar coded in order to better follow the seasoning process.



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